Founder’s Guide to Startup Fundraising

For most founders, fundraising is quite a challenge. From setting goals to creating realistic financial projections, securing capital for growth is a task that takes direction, time, and practice. That is why District Advisory has created the Founder’s Guide to Startup Fundraising- to make fundraising more accessible and easier to understand for founders, fundraisers, and startups.
Our team is experienced in guiding startups and emerging companies, both large and small, in raising funds across all stages and industries, including food and beverage, for technology, media, and more. We not only service 40+ monthly CFO advisory, accounting, and fundraising clients, but also manage the due diligence and selection process for one of DC’s leading angel investment groups, K Street Capital.
With our combined expertise from both the founder and investor perspective, our goal is to provide startups with practical, real world fundraising knowledge so they can walk into their first investor pitch event ready for a successful raise.
The Founder’s Guide to Startup Fundraising outlines everything you need to know in order to raise and provides some of District Advisory’s high impact and time-tested tips for optimal fundraising success.

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